Wow. If Hurricane Harvey is an indication of what is to come with this hurricane season, the U.S. and other islands in the Atlantic are in for a huge wage-up call. As I type this, three other hurricanes are barreling their way across the waters: Irma (about to hit Florida), Katia (which is churning in the Gulf of Mexico) and Jose is right behind Irma.

How can you help? Anything and everything. That’s really the answer. No matter who you are, what economic situation you are facing, or where you might live you can do something.

hurricane harvey
Relief efforts by Keller Williams Realty International – Water for workers, responders, and displaced families.


hurricane harvey
Additional items collected for distributing to Houston families and items that will be packed up and shipped to Florida following Irma.


hurricane harvey
Generators and other items ready to go to Florida, and to help families in Houston.

#1. Get involved locally.

If you live in Texas, consider a day trip with a group of buddies, colleagues, or church members and head down to Houston to help clean up. There are thousands of homes that need mucking. Consider donating your time at the KW Cares Command Center in Houston and work in the warehouse, join one of their many mucking teams, or simply donate at ALL of the funds from this organization go DIRECTLY to those in need. Seriously. KW Cares is the charity portion of Keller Williams Realty International. The workers are all KWRI employees and are paid through the corporate office of KWRI. Therefore, all the money they receive can be shared with those in need. In particular, KW Cares is specifically for KW agents and families.

Residents in a Houston neighborhood. A group called Feed The Need set up tents outside a flooded neighborhood to supply food to those mucking houses. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of homes in numerous neighborhoods across Houston that need to be cleaned out … even before insurance adjusters can make it through. If not, the mold will overtake the homes and nothing can be salvaged.
hurricane harvey
These trash piles are the furnishings, drywall, toys, personal items, and everything else pulled out of homes during the mucking process. It’s disgusting work, but something that every family needs help with. Black mold was already forming when we were there. Some of these homes could not be reached due to flood waters for over a week.

#2. Get involved financially.

If you can’t make it down to Houston or any of the surrounding areas that need assistance, donate money. They can then buy supplies. Consider carefully what organization you donate to as not all the funds you give go to relief efforts or helping those affected.

#3. Get involved spiritually.

If you don’t live close or can’t afford to send money, then do the most powerful thing of all and PRAY to Jesus for:

  • Peace on those affected
  • Strength for the workers and crews down there working
  • That God would be able to move into the hearts of those who need a Savior and Redeemer at this time – that this event would draw all those to HIM
  • For safety and health of those mucking homes (black mold is already on the rise), flesh eating bacteria is in the water and some are affected, etc.
  • That those with completely damaged homes would be provided for as most of them in this area did NOT have flood insurance (they weren’t in flood zones as designated by FEMA). A lot of the flooding occurred after the dams were opened to release some of the waters.
  • That more would volunteer and lend a helping hand in some form or fashion
  • Praising God that more were not killed or lost during this flood
  • Praising God that this is a great opportunity to witness to those who do not know Him (yet)
  • Praising God that the waters are receding and people can get back into their homes to begin the clean up process
  • Praising God that the world has seen how Texans and Christians have come together rather than lashing out at each other

With all of the hurricanes barreling towards the US coastlines and the fires raging in the northwest, now is a GREAT time to get involved. Plug in SOMEWHERE … especially if it’s in prayer. God can make things happen and when we are all pulling together and acting as one, where is the strife, greed, jealousy, and envy? It’s gone because we are working together as one community – even if it’s the community of the entire USA and under the direction of God.

Just sayin’…get up out of your home and go! Do! Or, hit the floor on your knees and take all these things the Lord who can orchestrate events from above.