Uncomfortable might not seem like such a good word for U, but it is something that we’ve been experiencing as a family for a few years now. We’ve come to love being uncomfortable.

u is for uncomfortable

About two years ago our pastor was talking about how God makes things uncomfortable when He’s ready for you to make changes (not always, but sometimes). There are times that we just get so complacent with where we are and what we’re doing that He wants us to grow and move and be something so much more. So, sometimes things just get uncomfortable so that we HAVE to make changes.

Right before this sermon Johnny’s mother passed away. We had been living in a little cabin we built on their land and had been there for 13 years. But, when Betty died, things changed and life became very uncomfortable. We’d tried to move for years but things just never worked out – couldn’t figure out where we wanted to go, didn’t have the funds, emergencies occurred and took our reserves, etc. But, when Betty died, all that changed. One year to the day she passed away we were closing on a new home in another little town about 45 minutes away. The path was made clear and we knew exactly where to go.

But, before it opened up things became extremely uncomfortable and almost unbearable. Family tensions were high. Grief was looming for everyone and we just had to deal with a few issues that we never saw coming. It was a wake-up call and one we listened to.

So, when things get uncomfortable for you, perhaps it’s God’s way of telling you that it’s time to move on, to make changes, to deal with something that’s in your path. He’s waiting for you to make that move, to take that step of faith, to answer His call, to do what He’s designed for you to do in that next part of your walk with Him.

It’s during these periods of being uncomfortable that we grow and learn and see God at work. Trust Him. We’ve experienced so much growth, many rewards and blessings, and our path has simply become clearer when we stepped out of our comfort zone. My husband now prefers to be uncomfortable as that means he’s growing and learning all the time. It’s an interesting and exciting place to be. I invite you to do the same – to listen to what God’s calling you to do, especially if it’s uncomfortable and outside your comfort zone.

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